Trivago Marketing Mix & Trivago Marketing Strategy

Trivago Business Model –

In the last article we discussed the marketing mix of Patanjali, if you have not read it, please do check that out.

Before discussing the Trivago marketing mix, let’s first discuss the business model of Trivago. Trivago is an American company which comes under Expedia Lodging partner. Its the first company to bring up the metasearch technology for hotel booking. With its unique marketing strategy and technology, it expands quickly and now offering more than 3.0 million hotels with other accommodations across 190 countries. Trivago’s mission is to be the traveler’s first and independent source of information for finding an ideal hotel at a low budget. The headquarter is in Dusseldorf, Germany. The founders of Trivago are Matte Siewert, Rolf Schromgans, Stephen Stubner.

Trivago’s marketing strategy is to earn revenue on cost per click (CPC) basis which means whenever a customer clicks on a website then Trivago will get paid even if he didn’t book the hotel. The main difference between Trivago and other hotel booking sites is that Trivago uses the hotel search with an extensive price comparison. 

Trivago Business Model has 3 major revenue streams –

Revenue from Listing – Revenue from the listing is one of the main sources of income of Trivago in which fees are paid by hotel booking sites for displaying their services on the Trivago platform.

Revenue from Services – For managing the listing of hotel booking sites Trivago charges fees for maintaining their presence and visibility.

Revenue from Affiliate Marketing – Trivago earns Around 59% of total revenue from affiliate marketing. It is earned when a client taps on a deal and Trivago diverts to a particular website.

Now let’s have a look on Trivago marketing mix-

Trivago Marketing Mix (4Ps)

trivago marketing mix

Marketing Strategies help the business to achieve their goals & objectives and Trivago marketing mix is used to design a wide framework which helps to define the marketing strategies. Every business needs to develop a marketing mix strategies to achieve its desired result. There are many marketing campaign strategies that companies are using to grow their business like product/service innovation, marketing investment, customer experience, etc. which have helped in brand development or growth.

Trivago marketing mix covers all 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) and explains the Trivago marketing mix.

Let’s just start talking about Trivago marketing mix –

Trivago Product Strategy –

The product which Trivago offers is consumer-centric and fast. The competitors of Trivago are Kayak which compares flight bookings, OYO. Every year Trivago get around 1.4 Billion visitors on their website. All this credit goes to the Marketing and Advertisement, that Trivago invests in. They keep on optimizing and recreating the T.V ad every season as use its famous catchy line with it – 

“kya apne kabhi online hotel search kiya hai”– Trivago

Trivago Pricing Strategy –

Trivago earns its revenue on cost per click (CPC) basis which means whenever a customer clicks on a website then Trivago will get paid even if he didn’t book the hotel. Trivago earns the revenue from the listing, managing services, and referral earning. 

Trivago Place & Distribution Strategy –

Trivago is used in more than 60 countries. It connects hotels and helps customers to do online bookings from anywhere in the world. The presence of Trivago is mostly online. You can use a website and app to do bookings and find a great hotel from anywhere in the world. 

Trivago Promotion Strategy –

Trivago uses all social media handles to promote their brand. Promotional strategies are through Facebook & Instagram mainly. The company focus on hotel bookings and want to promote digital booking over traditional booking. Trivago spends a huge amount on television advertising. Everyone knows about that famous ‘Trivago Guy’ who had an appealing way of describing the way Trivago works and creating interest among people.

So this was the marketing mix of Trivago, now let’s get on to the

Trivago Marketing Strategy –

trivago marketing mix

“kya apne kabhi online hotel search kiya hai”

The above phrase brings up the keywords related to Hotels, Online Booking & Trivago in the mind of every viewer. A brilliant video campaign managed by the marketing team of Trivago which helps them to grab the attention of their targeted audience, create brand awareness. Mr.Abhinav Kumar is the guy who just pops up in your social media, television, banners, and keeps on repeating “Kya apne kabhi online hotel search kiya hai?” or “Hotel? Trivago”.

Mr. Abhinav Kumar is not just any arbitrary guy who auditioned and cracked the deal for the Trivago ad. The guy who works with Trivago as the Development Head for Trivago India. The Trivago marketing strategy or campaign is one of the examples of brilliantly executed marketing campaigns.

Trivago invests most of its funds on the quality of video content, paid marketing, TV Ads slots, etc like hiring a known face for the ad. In today’s world no doubt India is amongst the leading markets for social media giants with one of the largest user base but still, TV holds a majority of viewership share. Trivago guaranteed its quality on all stages yet guaranteed TV watchers get the most extreme significance out of the part. In light of a study by driving showcasing research organization, it was discovered that TV despite everything represents around 66% of the total viewership share even after the launch of popular OTT platforms like that of Netflix & Amazon prime in India.

Digital Marketing Strategy of Trivago –

Trivago marketing strategy also includes digital marketing. It is also known as online marketing has become a crucial activity for every business and help businesses to promote their product or service online.

trivago marketing mix
trivago marketing mix

Trivago has spent millions of dollars on a digital advertisement. In today’s world, Trivago is a very successful company and it has over 600K followers Instagram.

Trivago has a metasearch site where different hotels can register themselves and get their ideal customer from there. Trivago is also getting its website ranked on the first page of google on many keywords.

What Competitive Advantage Trivago have?

Firstly, Trivago help in searching for a hotel room in any city across the world. All you have to do is select destinations, travel dates, and the number of travelers.

After typing all the relevant information required, the search result will display the following information –

  • Hotel Name
  • Best Price 
  • Next three best prices
  • Trivago user review score
  • Hotel amenities
  • Distance from a notable landmark

The primary advantage of Trivago is their landmark proximity. Another marvelous component of Trivago’s overhead map is the “Show Top Deals” button that lone shows hotels with sharp markdowns Features like these helps Trivago stand out from their competitors.

Who is Trivago ad guy?

Mr. Abhinav Kumar is the guy who just pop on you social media and television and keep saying “kya aapne kabhi online hotel search kara hai?’

How does Trivago make money?

Trivago business model has 3 major revenue streams- revenue from services, listings, and affiliate marketing.

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