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Before discussing the marketing mix of Patanjali, let’s first discuss the marketing strategy of  Patanjali and how Patanjali Ayurved came into existence?

Patanjali Ayurved Limited, the organization started by Baba Ramdev with his partner, Acharya Balkrishna in 2006.

marketing mix of patanjali

They have established the science of Ayurveda in accordance with and coordination with the latest technology and ancient wisdom. They import herbs from the Himalayas of Nepal.

As per the name, the company is selling Ayurvedic organic products only. In the beginning period, the company faced many problems to generate profit. But after a few months, they changed their whole business model.

They turned their company to FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) company. From that point onward, the organization has been scaling up its business for a long time by making a huge product offering by embracing many showcasing procedures to develop their business.

The marketing strategy of Patanjali varies from its product to product. The list of Products offered by Patanjali is comprehensive. You can check all its products here –

Patanjali Tagline –

The brand slogan of Patanjali is “Prakriti ka Aashirwaad” which implies blessings of nature. Now let’s jump to the marketing mix of Patanjali

Marketing mix of Patanjali –

The marketing strategy of Patanjali was very different from Trivago. It covered all 4Ps of the marketing mix (Product, Price, Place, Promotion). Patanjali understood the market need so quickly while its competitors were selling ayurvedic products in medicines form only.

To satisfy the interest of shoppers, Patanjali settled on a major choice to open their retail locations in numerous urban areas. Now let’s discuss the marketing mix which is an important part of the marketing strategy of Patanjali.

Marketing mix of Patanjali-

Price (Patanjali Pricing Strategy) –

The pricing of all Patanjali products has always been less than it’s rivals and as we all know India is a cost-touchy market. This is an exceptionally little evaluating technique that Patanjali received to acquire and more clients. The pricing strategy is penetrative pricing because Patanjali knows that it cannot conquer the market with higher prices.

Plus, if the ingredients are natural and domestic, the expense of the item is lesser as well. There is a price difference of 25-30% in every product when contrasted with International Brands which is helping Patanjali arrive at every single family in India.

The star performer of Patanjali is its Ghee, which contributes 14% of total revenue, trailed by toothpaste 9% and hair oil 8% toothpaste 9% and hair oil 8%

Place –

Patanjali Ayurved is India’s fastest growing FMCG company but it’s not stopping from spreading its wings in nearby countries like Nepal. Patanjali has a manufacturing unit over there and imports their herbs from the Himalayas of Nepal, this helps Patanjali to expand their trade and building a better relationship with our countries.

With the growing outreach of Patanjali in India & Nepal Baba Ramdev surely aiming to target the market of other countries as well.

Product –

Patanjali deals with a huge variety of products. Baba Ramdev continuously pushing people to use Indian Product to save the economical growth of the country. Patanjali is also planning to take over all the reputed brands dealing in the food & beverage industry.

Segments where Patanjali products are already doing great –



Healthcare & Medicines

Personal care products

Cleaning agents

Promotion –

Patanjali Ayurved has acquired the requisite fame and popularity among people because of the globally recognized Yoga Guru, Baba Ramdev. He is one of the main people who are responsible for the success of Patanjali.

He adds to individuals’ life by training yoga to them thus individuals felt adjusted towards him when he propelled his one of a kind Indian FMCG Company.

Like some other FMCG organization, the marketing mix of Patanjali is to utilize the blend of the segment and psychographic division to make its contributions fitting/pertinent to the specific arrangement of client gatherings.

It utilizes item-based and esteems based situating techniques to build up a feeling of trust and fulfillment of being solid in the psyche of the clients.

The prime supporter of Patanjali Baba Ramdev is showing YOGA and spreading his insight for nothing. His insight is incredible to the point that individuals began valuing his exertion towards educating YOGA.

So this was the marketing mix of Patanjali which helps them to generate their brand awareness worldwide.

Distribution Channel of Patanjali –

Initially, Patanjali faced many problems in selling their products.

Patanjali acquired a leaf from effective Ayurvedic chains like Arya Vaidya sala and Kottakal Arya Vaidya Sala. These chain of Ayurvedic stores sell their produce from a tremendous appropriation arrangement. The items are commonly sold from a shop estimating 200-400 sq. feet.

They hold a collection of ayurvedic prescriptions, normally sold on guidance from an appended ayurvedic Vaidya (Physician)

Patanjali saw the potential in this model. Dissimilar to conventional ayurvedic stores, Patanjali stores would hold ayurvedic just as buyer bundled merchandise. This was a development.

The subsequent development was in diversifying the model, not a Vaidya but rather a Vaishya (Businessman) would administer the items to the clients. This is a distribution strategy that Patanjali has used.

Patanjali Digital Marketing Strategy –

Besides influence marketing, digital marketing has been an important part of the marketing strategy of Patanjali. Patanjali has successfully used online channels for the promotion of goods and services.

Patanjali has its e-commerce website which has a whole range of products that can be purchased online. is their main website where you can find their every range. They have a website with .org too which tells what they are about and what are their mission and all.

Marketing strategy of Patanjali in rural areas-

Baba Ramdev wants to make its product to every individual at an affordable cost so the penetration pricing strategy of the firm also works for the rural area very well. Patanjali Products are of affordable quality with proper quantity are very much in demand by the rural area consumers.

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